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Cimugames publishes high-quality games (including VR) for the global market, focusing on top-tier games for hardcore users and mid-core games for average users, as well as porting console games to mobile platforms and assisting publishers with their own creative visions.

Cimugames has over 20 years of developing experience with indie, AAA titles and VR games and provide an array of services. Aiming at releasing Chinese AAA titles, we consider originality to be the heart and soul of a game and believe that web3/VR/MR will be the lynchpin mediums of games in the future.

Conceiving, Developing and Publishing Original Games

Our goal is to give users an exciting and unforgettable gaming experience, leaving them thirsty for more. At the same time, we are constantly challenging ourselves in developing technology and trends by studying and expanding the boundaries of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality technology.

Not only are we well-traversed in the North American and European markets, but we have the unique advantage of possessing Chinese gaming market knowledge as well. By having a strong foothold in China, we have provided a hub for Chinese game publishers to put out their original content, thereby generating profits that expand over a three-continent wide area. 


Partnering With

No stranger to Web2 games for mobile and consoles, Cimugames believes that Web3 is the future of gaming. We are striving to create exciting and original content that can bridge the gap between both Web2 and Web3, while creating an inclusive community to interact together and experience the newest wave in entertainment and technology.

We are proud to have partnered with and will re-release Runestone Keeper as part of their Web3 game migration platform. It represents one of the first examples of a Web3 game being made available on multiple platforms (PC/Nintendo Switch/Playstation/Xbox) to reach a wider audience and could help to drive more mainstream adoption of the technology. We hope to work together to release more exciting Web3 content in the near future!



Every step towards innovation and invention begins with a wild idea, including yours. Cimugames’ door is open to those with vision and the desire to use their talents to create something revolutionary. Shoot us your resume and give your dream wings.

We’re always on the look-out for exceptional and ambitious talent.

Current Open Positions:

Special Effects Artist
Concept Artist 
Script Editor


Ideal candidates should have a background in game development, as well as a passion to contribute something original and extraordinary to the ever-changing gaming world. As in accordance with Innoteg's philosophy, all applicants should be able to work well as a team and put forth their best efforts at all times. 


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