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Runestone Keeper

Platforms: Steam, PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4,

Xbox One, Android, iOS.

Our flagship game and one of the earliest to have been released on the Steam, Runestone Keeper is a challenging and rewarding dungeon crawler “greenlit” on Steam in December of 2014. The following March, Runestone Keeper was released on both the PC and Mac. During this time, the game was also promoted globally on Steam and the App Store’s front pages.

In 2015, Runestone Keeper's iOS version earned several accolades including "Best New Game", "Best Update” and "Amazing Chinese Indie Game”. It also remained on the "Paid Chart" for 2 months after its initial release. The game's Android version was released to high acclaim on Shanghai’s gaming site, TapTap, in November 2017.  And in 2018, to conquer all the remaining platforms, the PlayStation, Xbox, UWP and Nintendo Switch versions are scheduled to be released.


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